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Wayland Legal is a boutique firm with extensive experience, specialising in workplace health & safety and employment law.

We work with clients from a broad range of industry sectors, and our high level of experience and technical expertise means we are trusted by some of Australia's a largest organisations. At the same time we are flexible and cost-effective which means we can support businesses of any size.

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Greg Smith - Director


Greg is an international award winning author and qualified lawyer who has spent more than two decades specialising in Employment Law and Workplace Health & Safety.  

In addition to being a lawyer, Greg has worked as the Principal Safety Advisor for a major oil and gas company and taught the Accident Prevention unit at Curtin University in Western Australia.

Greg is the author of, Management Obligations for Safety and Health, co-author of, Risk Conversations: The Law, Social Psychology and Risk and the editor of Contractor Safety Management, which won the 2014 World Safety Organisation’ Educational Award.

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