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Due diligence workshop

Dr Rob Long and I will be running our Due Diligence workshop in Sydney on 20 and 21 February. You can register HERE.

This workshop makes plain what Due Diligence is all about and dispels myths that abound about formulas, rules, regulation and legal fixation about accountability and responsibility for tackling risk and safety in the workplace.

Attendees will receive complementary copies of my new book Paper Safe and the book Rob and I wrote together, Risky Conversations. The free talking book/podcast for Risky Conversations is HERE and the free videos HERE.

One of the interesting things about how Due Diligence is explained in the WHS Act is the language. When we look at the language of the Act it is very fluid and ‘open’ in definition indeed, the most repeated language is about doing what is ‘appropriate’ or ‘reasonable’. In other words, one must decide what is ‘reasonable’ based on the context of the situation. This makes Due Diligence a social responsibility just as much as a legal accountability. This is why the workshop is so effective with the combination and collaboration of Greg with Rob.

So here are some questions that the workshop addresses:

  1. What should you be caring about in risk and safety at work?

  2. Where should you be investing your time, energy and resources in risk and safety?

  3. Does paperwork protect you in court?

  4. Why is there so much mythology about Due Diligence?

  5. What do lawyers look for when things go wrong?

  6. What practical strategies and tools can be used to enhance Due Diligence?

  7. What does case law say about Due Diligence?

  8. What can I do to be less exposed to prosecution should something go wrong?

  9. How can I enhance what I do in safety to improve effectiveness?

  10. Where is responsibility for safety in organisations located?

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